We're launching Tour; a customized, rotating b8ta store experience

Posted by Erin Johnson on May 15, 2019

Our recent activation with experiential retail resulted in a very successful program called the be@home tour. We created a space that told the connectivity story by partnering with Google and outfitting a tiny home with smart products. While our stores are already designed to be experiential, this took experiential retail to a new level for b8ta, and the conversion results at every step along the shopper journey were phenomenal.

This project was yet another confirmation that customers love unique, local brand experiences—so why don’t all brands try to reach the community through experiential retail? The problem is, activating on a local level can be expensive with limited reach. Most brands don’t have access to a variety of physical spaces across the country or the know-how and team to pull it off. Our Be@Home Tour re-confirmed b8ta’s infrastructure and expertise provides a tremendous platform for brands to effectively launch experiences in our stores nationwide.

Introducing, Tour: a customized, rotating experience in b8ta stores across the country.

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Create a custom experience

It starts with a custom experience built specifically for your brand. We allocate space in our stores then help you design the ultimate brand experience. Just imagine what you could do with a designated space and a guaranteed stream of customer traffic. We will help you bring this vision to life then determine the optimal locations and timing for each stop on your Tour. 


Fill your marketing calendar with fresh content

A moving roadshow activation gives your marketing team fresh content with Tour programming and event activations. You’ll always have something new to tweet about the next stop or event on your Tour. You can also sync Tour with your existing digital calendar to bring your content initiatives new life. As part of Tour, each market will feature specialized programming to create excitement in the local market and ensure you have plenty of content to post.


Learn, measure, and test

Throughout the tour we are tracking and analyzing how it resonates with customers. From our dashboard to user research, we ensure your Tour results in impactful insights. We understand how crucial it is to ensure your offline retail activations result in impactful insights around your product, your customers, and your experiences.


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Tour it across multiple markets

We take your experience on the road and launch it consecutively into multiple b8ta stores. This ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck on the experience that you created. Why waste all that effort on just one location when you can tour it across the country reaching millions of customers with your experience.

Tour is your opportunity to take inspiration from the pop-ups and brand experiences launching all over the world. We’ve built a program that completely removes all the pain points of experiential retail; we secure the location, hire staff, build, manage logistics, and more. To the brand, it’s as simple as designing your custom experience and choosing the b8ta stores where you want to launch it. We’ve already built a tiny home for Google, a VR experience for Oculus, and powered the Nike+ Trial Zone and we’re ready to think outside the box and try new retail activations. It’s sure to be a branded activation that makes a lasting impression on your customer. 

Interested in Tour? Contact our partnerships team to get started.