We've acquired Brickwork

Posted by Vibhu Norby on January 24, 2019

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve acquired Brickwork, a retail tech startup based in New York City that helps brands and retailers drive meaningful traffic to stores.

Over the next year, Brickwork's software suite will be integrated into the b8ta software platform, bringing their tools to all of the brands and retailers that we work with, and vice versa. Additionally, we plan to make significant investments into Brickwork’s core product.

At b8ta’s core, we are a platform to reliably deliver physical retail experiences for brands. Through our own stores and partners like Macy’s, our software & hardware tools allow brands to launch, manage, and measure high quality offline experiences.

With the addition of Brickwork's store finder, appointments, and event management software, we can now extend those experiences to both before and after a shopper’s store visit. Brands can use our combined platform to implement tools that help their customers:

- Find where their products are available.
- Schedule an experience in advance.
- Discover, try, and buy in-person.
- Stay engaged post-visit through events and e-commerce.

For the first time, brands will be able to completely own and measure their customer journey from web, to store, and back, and everything that happens in between.

I am so excited to welcome Brickwork founder David Munczinski and his talented team to ours, and to (finally!) have a b8ta office in New York. Together, we will continue to move Retail as a Service to new heights.

 Read read more about Brickwork at brickworksoftware.com.


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