Turn dull afternoons into fascinating science adventures

Posted by Simon Jones on March 27, 2020

TL;DR: Entertain and educate your kids with free coding and robotics lessons from Booleangirl and Twin Science


If you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly reading it from home, practicing sensible social distancing, and helping to flatten the curve. Good job!

There’s also greater than a 40% chance that if you’re in the US, you’re also a parent (hat tip to Statista for that one). And according to EDucation Week over 55 million schoolchildren are home for the time being, many of them with either the promise or the threat that they won’t be going back before the Fall.

Thankfully, teachers have done an incredible job of moving their courses online to ensure that our children are able to complete their curriculum. However, as a parent, you are now suddenly confronted with the seemingly impossible task of keeping your kids occupied. 

Fortunately, among the many b8ta brands who are taking proactive and creative steps to help the community during this difficult time are Booleangirl and Twin Science, each of which have are dedicating real resources to helping your kids spend their unexpected free time productively.

  • Twin Science hails from Turkey, and lists their mission as spreading the joy of science, and they are dedicated to bringing science education to the least advantaged children in their home nation. With a range of modules, some integrated with Lego sets, they offer all sorts of ways to help kids fall in love with science. Now they are offering free, online, live broadcast lessons every Monday at 2pm. This is 90 minutes you can spend confident your child is learning something new and having a good time. More info here.
  • Booleangirl, whose mission is to address the declining number of girls and women in STEM (science, technology engineering, and math), offers a free online coding classroom (Booleangirl University), after-school clubs, and support for special events. As part of their commitment to this mission, Booleangirl has sponsored the Full STEM Ahead initiative—a series of live (and later available recorded) classes teaching things like how to code Pong, create a mad lib game in Python, and many more. Classes run about an hour, and you can find more details here.

Like so many other parents you miss the outdoors and the simple pleasure of a family day at the park, but we all know that we are doing our part to save lives. Boolean Girl and Twin Science believe parents can turn a potentially distressing time to an opportunity for new types of learning! Why not take advantage of these wonderful programs to help make this the time your kids look back upon one day as the turning point where they fell in love with STEM?

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