Falling back in love with your kitchen

Posted by Simon Jones on April 1, 2020

In the old days (say, three weeks ago), when working from home was still the exception rather than the rule, they used to say there were three great threats to at-home productivity:

  • The television
  • Your bed
  • The refrigerator

Now, though, the kitchen has become an oasis of joy for many, as we navigate the dry sameness of shelter in place rules. If you follow any social media at all, you already know about at least half a dozen of your friends who are either re-discovering their love of cookie baking, learning to create the cuisine of their immigrant forebears, or are discovering for the first time that the original Joy of Cooking includes a recipe for squirrel (seriously).

Our friends and partners over at Thermomix are stepping up their efforts to help folks get their culinary groove back. You can catch up with them on 

  • Facebook Live cooking classes: so far, they’ve featured fun options like making biscuits, butter, and bread, as well as mixing in some Keto hints. You can find out more at their Facebook Events page
  • Virtual Cooking Experiences:  just like b8ta, Thermomix is connecting you with their experts so you can find out more about their range of kitchen appliances from the comfort of your own home - find out more here
  • Free trial for a 50,000 recipe platform: if you’ve reached the outer edges of the meals you’re comfortable cooking - or that your family can be relied upon to eat! - take a 30 day trial of the Cookidoo recipe platform to extend your range

Having the extra time at home gives us all the opportunity to catch up on some stuff we’ve been meaning to do for a while (bold prediction: an explosion of self-published memoirs in the next six months!) - may as well make it healthy and delicious with some free cooking lessons!

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