Be@Home by b8ta and Google, our tiny home tour.

Posted by Erin Johnson on May 14, 2019

This past March, we launched one of our most unique experiential marketing activations yet—a tiny house outfitted with over 32 smart home products. We created a space that told a story of connectivity by partnering with Google to showcase the different ways connected devices make home feel more inviting and helpful.

While our stores are already designed to promote memorable experiences, this took experiential retail to a new level, and the results were phenomenal. Over the course of six weeks we traveled over 2,500 miles, toured thousands of customers through the home, stopped in nine different locations, and were able to share our connectivity story with millions. We inspired people to consider smart homes in a whole new light.

This is how we brought Be@Home to life:

be@home assembly 22_FINAL_YT

We started with an idea.

As an existing b8ta partner, we wanted to show Google that we were invested in finding new and innovative ways to showcase products Made by Google. We envisioned building a contextual space, featuring a tiny home teched out with smart products by Google and compatible with Google Home. After building and introducing it at SXSW, we took it on the road. Our tour stopped at b8ta stores on weekends through March and April, inviting customers to come in and tour the space to discover a Google-enabled connected home.

Stepping inside the 395 square feet mobile house, our visitors felt like they were in a real home, welcomed by a beautifully decorated modern interior with fun touches. The space ensured they understood and were delighted by each Google Assistant command we taught them, from “Hey Google, open the blinds” to “Hey Google, I’m leaving” (which set off a chain of events including turning off the lights, turning on the alarm, finding the keys, and closing the blinds).

We marketed the activation.

In collaboration with Google, we created the Be@Home branding and a website with a ‘Googly’ feel and friendly, homey messaging to ensure the tour gathered excitement and visitors. We announced the activation across our social platforms and to our email list. We even threw special events in each of our stores to drive excitement when the tiny home was in town.

Other partners involved with the tour helped to promote the project. Each mall posted it to their social platforms and distributed to their email lists. The team at Fossil ran a social media influencer campaign to drive awareness of the Misfit Vapor 2 watch, a Powered with Wear iOS with Google device that was also featured during the tour.

We managed everything.

The entire tour and home experience from finding the tiny home to training the staff was managed by b8ta. Being a creative and nimble team allowed us to pull off this activation in only six weeks. Our existing connections with malls and various smart makers and brands ensured we were able to secure the necessary partners to make the tour possible.

We measured results.

Google and b8ta set out with several goals, one of which was to make this a learning experience. We wanted to see how each stop along the tour compared and understand how this type of contextual retail experience resonated with shoppers. We tracked visitors and we handed out a user survey after the tour to collect data. After each stop, we met with our tour staff and to recap and help us understand key differentiators between the markets.

What we discovered from Be@Home tour is that this type of activation is a powerful experience for the customer. There was a positive impact on conversion across every step in the customer journey from discovery to purchase. We will definitely be launching more activation on this scale as we continue to push the envelope on experiential retail. If you’re a brand or product maker that wants to try something new with us, drop us a note and we’ll happily brainstorm ideas on the next big activation.

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