The b8ta Holiday Roadshow.

Posted by Dustin Peters on November 26, 2019

As b8ta has grown throughout the past few years, opening new stores has been a cornerstone in our operations. The reasoning behind this is pretty straightforward—we believe that the future of retail looks like a b8ta store, and we’d like to bring that experience to as many people as we can. This belief has driven us to the point we’re at now, with 20+ locations open and others on the way. That said, this holiday season we wanted to do more. In an effort to bring the b8ta experience to those who don’t have a nearby store, we launched the 2019 b8ta Holiday Roadshow.

We’ve created a fully mobile b8ta experience, and since hitting the trail on 11/1 in Philly we’ve been trekking our way across the country. The mobile b8ta store is stocked with a selection of our most giftable partner products, and is staffed by enthusiastic employees who are trained to give engaging demos. And they need to be—as with the static b8ta stores, visitors to the Holiday Roadshow are invited to climb aboard and try out any product they see. 


Alongside being a fantastic way to bring a b8ta store to new customers, the Roadshow is helping our partners reach and test 10 completely new markets in a popup timeframe, and on an extremely efficient budget. We’ve had other partners utilize this sort of mobile focus group in the past—in March we did something similar to showcase and share one specific brand, Google. In order to launch the b8ta/Google Be@Home tiny home tour, we fitted a fully functional tiny home with over 30 smart home products. We then ferried the home over 2,500 miles to reach 9 new markets, each filled with customers who were excited to explore lifestyle products in a realistic setting—a home.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 2.14.36 PM

Running these mobile projects take some grit, but they’re an important nod to one of our key values at b8ta; meaningful in-person experiences. We do things like the Roadshow or the Tiny Home Tour to give both our guests and partners something unique, engaging, and worthwhile, even if we haven’t got a store nearby. (Yet.)

We’re always looking forward to our next project. If you’d like to learn about what your brand and b8ta could launch together, send a note to .