Supporting female innovation.

Posted by Tina Zayas on September 3, 2019

Who runs the world, household, and family budgets? Women, that’s who. Whether single ladies or women with a ring on it, these consumers are savvy, particular, and crave experiences. We see examples of this in the success of Glossier’s stores and Rent the Runway’s luxury showrooms, both companies which reached unicorn status in 2019. And the trend continues: when women-led businesses make women-focused products, they’re wildly successful.  

Even though consumer studies (and Instagram influencers) show that women are a driving force for our economy, VC investment for women-owned businesses is still hovering at 2.2%. This lack of funding and support hurts not only female innovation but it has a trickle-down effect at the consumer level. 

Thinx_HOUSTONWhile Femtech is predicted to become a $52B industry by 2025, the present is female and there is plenty of innovation happening right now. Thinx has replaced pads and tampons, Soma redesigned the bra-fitting experience, and Buki makes accessories that soften your skin. Innovative products that women need and want are being made every day, but they don’t always make it beyond the digital ad placement and into consumers' hands.

b8ta’s on a mission to change that. 

More than half of our customers—and half the population—are women, so we’re actively expanding our product catalog to better serve this audience in our stores and beyond. b8ta stores will feature special programming to connect brands with local communities and we’ll be showcasing products in the health, beauty, wellness, and any and all categories that are made for and by women. To take it one step further, b8ta Boston (opening later this year) will feature our largest female focused product mix of any of our stores.


Empowering women entrepreneurs is our goal but what’s more exciting is how this new focus will impact local communities. Brand representation in retail fuels discovery and those discoveries inspire new conversations among friends, family, and more. What happens next is up to the innovators. 

If you have a product or company designed for or by women we want to hear from you and help you reach customers in a meaningful and measurable way. Reach out to to learn more.