Introducing #b8talocal in Seattle

Posted by Sean Conroe on November 19, 2020

b8ta was founded with the mission to make retail accessible to all. We’ve designed a new type of retail model that lets local innovators and entrepreneurs launch in a real store as easy as launching their online shop.

This holiday season, I’m proud to roll out #b8taLocal, a new program focused on highlighting some of the innovative small businesses of Seattle. We’re partnering with local entrepreneurs  by showcasing their products in our University Village store and on our national website. 

Through January, I invite you to visit us here at  University Village and explore a variety of goods produced locally — from augmented reality flash cards to locally made preserves and shrubs — and join us in our effort to support small business. 

Shop the Makers: 


Girl Meets Dirt Heritage Preserves are inspired by the long history of orchard keeping on Orcas Island– and a craving for the highest quality, locally sourced, organic fruit preserves nature and careful craft can provide. Our throwback fruit preserves are made in an old-school style that emphasizes structure and pure, ripe, naturally grown fruit. But we don't fuss– our ingredient lists are short and sweet. We never use commercial pectin. We believe organic, island heritage fruit, speaks for itself. We pair single varietal fruit with unrefined organic cane sugar, fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, and classically prepare it by hand in our island kitchen.

kulacloth-1Founded by PNW local entrepreneur Anastasia Allison in 2017, after frustration with the amount of toilet paper she saw discarded in fragile alpine environments, Kula Cloth is the first of its kind - an antimicrobial pee cloth for all the places you 'go'. From the thoughtful double snap (keep it clean and dirt free!) to the reflective thread detail (find it at night with a headlamp!), everything about Kula is intentional. Gone are the days of using a scrap of fabric or a bandana as a pee cloth. 

METAPMORPHICGEARAt Metamorphic Gear* we believe wholeheartedly that your gear should be as unique as you and your adventure. Upcycling to us means an entirely different thing. The tarpaulin, the ropes, the craft- every piece has had a life rich with experience. You are just setting out on your journey but for our products- this is just a new chapter in theirs. 

*Currently available in-store. Coming soon to

posieturnerFounder Leslie designs socks for your soul intended to inspire and honor the magic in you. Leslie has had a lifelong love for socks and always trusted in the impact of words to reach for her dreams and fuel her through challenging times. In her own words: “We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but we’re all different and can make powerful choices in a moment. Choose to feel good. Choose to be fearless. Choose to be curious. Choose to be who you want to be." Learn more.

MAPS1-World Globes and Maps is a small company based in Seattle who has a passion for everything map-related. Though our team is small, our love for maps knows no boundaries. This love for maps inspires us to curate and create the most informative and beautiful maps available today.

brainstvemScientific exploration is of core importance to a lifetime of learning. BrainSTEM Innovations Co. introduced the concept of augmented reality in education to continue to stimulate bright young minds through experiential learning. 

irisdescenceOur mission is to capture the essence of nature, leverage science to preserve its potency and present in forms that facilitate a personal experience.

  • Clean: Clean formulations pairing nature, the wisdom and the way of natural beauty.
  • Natural: Working with nature, not against it, to return the eternal wisdom of natural rejuvenation to the people of the world.
  • Purposeful Ingredients: Any ingredient touching you, should benefit you. Hand-picked, whole, simple ingredients combined specifically for your skin.
  • Trust: Transparency is nothing left unsaid.


As a special promotion to celebrate the #b8taLocal launch, use code b8taLocal10 for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more worth of goods from any of the #b8taLocal partners listed above. This code is limited to the first 50 orders that qualify. Can be redeemed both online and in-store at our Seattle location. Code expires once 50 redemptions have been made.