b8ta Partners Continue to Do Good

Posted by Simon Jones on April 8, 2020

Many of us have been heartened of late by things like the iHeartConcert held last night on Fox, hosted by the apparently ageless Elton John, and headlined by stars of the last thirty years (sorry, Mariah Carey, but your first two number one singles really charted in 1990).

Others have taken joy in putting teddy bears in their front windows, printing out Easter eggs, and even arranging drive-by birthday wishes for kids whose parties have been postponed while we shelter in place. And the Internet has proven, definitively, that it has a demonstrably infinite capacity for puns, memes, and challenges.

In between, it’s not just the IHeartConcert (which raised a phenomenal $8 million for charity) that is making a difference. We are continuing (and will continue!) our shoutout to b8ta partners who are making the world a little bit better each and every day:

  • Just Human: with their new generation of sustainable luxury sunglasses designed with more comfortable lenses and made from natural and sustainable materials, Just Human is already a force for good. For the time being, though, they are going above and beyond, declaring that no-one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic”. For every pair purchased at their site, Just Human will donate $30 to Feeding America.
  • Formlabs: makers of the Form 3 3-D printer (a fantastic way to scale prototyping and production at an industrial quality) are doing their part to help frontline medical responders. From their website, we learn that they are working tirelessly to encourage those with 3-D printers to create needed PPE (personal protective equipment), through guides and designs.; They are also producing as many MP swabs as they can.
  • Danby: our friends who’ve been protecting b8ta customers’ from porch pirates with their Parcel Guard mailbox have turned their industrial design and manufacturing skills to designing and making ventilators to reduce the risk of a shortfall. Their CEO Jim Estill tells it like it is: “There’s no ego here….whatever it takes”.

We’re proud to partner with Just Human, Formlabs, Danby and the many other brands turning their resources toward doing good. Companies like these are making the world a better place, one step at a time, and bringing us closer to being able to re-connect, in person, soon.