Introducing, b8ta TV.

Posted by Simon Jones on February 2, 2021

We're proud to announce b8ta TV: a social commerce platform for new and innovative products.


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As 2020 pushed retail to quickly adapt to anyplace, anytime customer demands, a new trend has emerged in 2021—social commerce. Over the past several months, we've invested in providing this social commerce service for our customers and brand partners and are excited to officially announce our next chapter of retail innovation with b8ta TV! b8ta TV provides customers with a hosted live demo and shopping experience in our new studio, across our stores and through our new b8ta TV content platform.

b8ta TV is the virtual b8ta store experience in the form of daily live shows, prerecorded features, and partner content. Our shows, such as b8ta Unboxed and You Need This, showcase products and brands across our social channels, on, and even to our network of stores in the new ‘As Seen on b8ta TV’ section.

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 9.01.11 PMStarting today, we're inviting brands to join b8ta's omnichannel experience—in physical stores, on our ecommerce site, across our social channels PLUS the addition of social commerce and video production. b8ta's digital meets physical retail experience provides you the unique opportunity to easily highlight your product across a multi-channel platform, reach customers where they want to be, drive brand awareness and ultimately sales.

We're building a robust content library that will be showcased across, b8ta TV, b8ta's YouTube and Facebook channels and inside our stores while also live streaming shows on YouTube and Facebook. b8ta provides the content production services and distribution while allowing our partners the ability to use this content across your channels as well.

b8ta TV viewers have been highly engaged and rapidly growing during the ~2 months in beta:

  • 150,000+ monthly viewers in January (up from 25,000 in November)
  • 9+ minutes average viewing time on
  • 1000% growth on product pages of products featured on b8ta TV


Interested in a feature on b8ta TV? Reach out to us here.