How b8ta partners use our stores as a marketing channel.

Posted by Erin Johnson on August 12, 2019

The goals of a marketer can vary wildly depending on their given product or company, but a need for increased brand awareness and general “buzz” are typically congruent among both huge multinationals and fresh-from-Kickstarter companies alike. The bottom line for most marketers is pretty simple—they need people to be positively thinking and talking about their products. Marketers know how this is typically done in 2019. Digital ads, billboards, email campaigns, things that will help people bump into a given brand as they go about their day to day. But a gap is forming as marketers notice that the “day to day” for many audiences is involving more of the digital and online world. Marketers are leaving out a key element in their strategy—getting their brand and product in front of customers in real life. 

Thanks to eCommerce growth and headlines on the “Retail Apocalypse”, many marketers have begun to believe that building and maintaining a strong offline retail strategy is unnecessary. And yet as eCommerce booms creative popups and other forms of experimental retail are more popular—and successful— than ever. If it’s not yet clear, we at b8ta can’t stand the term “Retail Apocalypse”— (though it does make for a flashy blog title). We believe it’s a loaded term that leaves out an important slice of information. In the world of technology customers still want places where they can discover new products and have a physical touchpoint with the brands they’ve seen online.

Here at b8ta we’re making offline marketing easier than ever, and our partners see success utilizing this channel through our stores. Marketers partner with b8ta and build solid brand awareness while engaging directly with their customers. Aside from the obvious (allowing customers to try products in person) there are a few other key ways marketers see success alongside b8ta. Swipe through below to see how.

Marketers: When you’re next setting up your marketing budget, consider all of the above before forgoing offline channels. Join the brands partnering with b8ta and begin not only reaching new customers, but getting to know them in a whole new and intimate way.

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