If you're not early you're late— it's time to gear up for the holidays.

Posted by Dustin Peters on October 9, 2019

With fall in full swing, retailers and product makers alike know that the time to prep for the holiday shopping season is upon us. Check out four ways b8ta partners can maximize their holiday presence this season.

October has begun. It’s getting steadily chillier and the pumpkin spice flavor is dominating social media feeds (accompanied by plenty of posts making fun of the polarizing flavor). For many, October marks a definitive center of the fall season. To those involved in the retail industry, October means something far different—it’s time to gear up for the holidays.

Here at b8ta, we prefer to look at the holiday season as an opportunity rather than a source of anxiety. The bottom line? The holiday period is doubtlessly a lot of work for retailers and product makers. Most retailers see around 25% of their annual sales take place between the beginning of November up through Christmas, and making those numbers happen requires a company’s entire team to turn things up a notch. b8ta partners have a leg up here—b8ta is on their team through it all and we’re committed to helping our partners utilize the holiday season to its absolute fullest. Take a look below to see a few ways to maximize your b8ta placement before the holidays roll around, so that we can be the best teammate possible.