Good vibrations: checking in with AfterShokz.

Posted by Dustin Peters on February 27, 2020

As one of b8ta's oldest partners, AfterShokz headphones have been exciting our store visitors for years. Take a read to learn more about AfterShokz' b8ta experience.

AfterShokz headphones separate themselves from the pack in a fundamentally futuristic way—they don’t go in your ears. By resting upon the cheekbones, Aftershokz headphones send auditory vibrations through your bones to your inner ear, bypassing the eardrum entirely. 

As they’ve been a b8ta partner since 2016, we’ve gotten to know Aftershokz and their game-changing products fairly well. Frankly, they’re pretty fun to demo in the b8ta stores—the headphones never fail to earn an excited yell from customers trying them out for the first time. Move through the slides below to learn more about the AfterShokz team, products, and their three year (and counting) b8ta experience.


b8ta: AfterShokz has been a b8ta partner for a few years now. What led you to b8ta, and what’s kept you around?

AfterShokz: The b8ta stores are awesome! b8ta just gets us. Using AfterShokz is a new and wonderful experience, and that experience is difficult -if not impossible- to fully convey in traditional marketing or advertising materials. b8ta is committed to fully demonstrating the products they carry to their visitors. As the creator of a product that’s all about the in-person experience, that’s something we wholeheartedly appreciate.

b8ta: Alongside a unique retail channel, we provide our partners with data surrounding the way consumers interact with their product. Are there any data soundbites that AfterShokz would like to share in regards to their b8ta placement?

AfterShokz: Absolutely, here are a few figures outlining our b8ta presence during 2019:

-One million impressions, (“impressions” being the number of b8ta store visitors that stop at the AfterShokz placement to learn more).

-250k discoveries, (“discoveries” being each time a b8ta employee gives an AfterShokz product demo to a customer).

-$400k in gross sales.

It’s also worth mentioning that we’re on track to double both our impression and discovery metrics during 2020!

Aeropex-Blue Eclipse-02

b8ta: Our stores are filled with all manners of product categories, two of these being personal safety and personal health. We love that AfterShokz headphones bridge the gap between these two categories rather than neatly fitting into just one. Could you speak to that a bit?

AfterShokz: It comes back to the coolest part about our bone conduction headphones— they don’t actually cover the ears. This allows the wearer to perfectly hear the sounds of their surrounding environment while simultaneously listening to the audio from their headphones. This feature is very handy when you’re at home or working in an office, but it was designed to provide situational awareness during outdoor activities like a bike ride or a run. 

At AfterShokz, the safety of our customers is our top priority. They’re the entire reason behind why we manufacture these headphones.

Aeropex-Double Stretching-0696

b8ta: Well on our end, we appreciate you chatting with us, and we love sharing the AfterShokz experience with our visitors. Anything else you’d like to add?

AfterShokz: Our signature bone conduction technology is something that must be heard to believe. We encourage our customers to fully discover and experience AfterShokz headphones by trying them out at b8ta. Don’t believe the science behind bone conduction? Try on our headphones at b8ta, plug your ears, and prepare to be amazed. 

See AfterShokz headphones in action on b8ta Unboxed.

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