Five tips for getting the most out of your b8ta account

Posted by Charlène Quach on May 23, 2018

Your new b8ta account provides analytics and actionable feedback on the performance of your product. Learn how to master it:

1. Filter data by date

The date picker: Use the date picker on the Overview tab to retrieve data over a specific period. Pay attention to important periods for your product’s placements, like during a new product launch or a promotion.


2. Sort through stores with this drop down menu

The store drop-down menu: Also on the Overview tab, you’ll find a drop-down menu that allows you to select a specific store. Use it to see if your in-store event have generated traffic and increased impressions or discoveries.


3. Use the chat feature to connect with stores

The Chat tab: Use the Chat tab to connect with specific b8ta stores and ask questions related to the in-store performance of your product. Here are examples of great questions to ask:

What are the most common questions customers have about my product

What do customers like about my product?

What color is getting the most interest from customers?

Why are people interested, but reluctant to buy my product?

What was the reason for the last return?


4. Keep an eye on inventory levels

The Inventory tab: Keep a close eye on your stock level by using the Inventory tab. Under ‘Consignments’, you can see the status of all consignment orders and add tracking info if it hasn’t be shipped yet. Under ‘Stock levels’, you can see the total inventory we have across all stores and our warehouse. Between our stores and logistical teams, we’re always on top of keeping your product in stock, but if you see a number that appears to be low, don’t hesitate to reach out to your partner success representative.


5. Watch for the latest alerts

The Alerts tab: Check here to see if you have incomplete tasks on the dashboard (e.g. Open consignment order? An agreement to be signed? Additional information to be entered?).



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