blendSMART and the beauty of b8ta.

Posted by Lori Machiorlette on October 29, 2019

We're excited to announce that blendSMART has been included on Oprah's 2019 Favorite Things List, her annual holiday gift guide. The creators of blendSMART will be showing off their groundbreaking makeup brush at b8ta Hudson Yards and b8ta Houston on 11/9/19 from 1-4 p.m, and will be expanding into five new b8ta locations this holiday season. Check the blendSMART b8ta page to stay up to date on where you can test drive the brush yourself.

b8ta's collection of partner products looks a lot different today than it did when we first kicked off. While our collection was initially populated largely by consumer electronics, we've since seen that all manners of products can preform well under the b8ta model. Health and beauty products, for example, have been on the rise here at b8ta. Customers value their physical health and appearance, and they typically won't add a product to their morning routine until they trust it. These products make sense in b8ta-our store visitors can fully explore these health and beauty brands in a comfortable and exciting environment.

One such brand is blendSMART, the maker of an award-winning makeup tool that uses a motorized brush to speed up and enhance the application process. President and Co-Founder Lori Machiorlette speaks about blendSMART’s first few b8ta months below, as well as describing how blendSMART gives users a bit of extra sleep each morning.

Like many new products, the idea for blendSMART came about because we saw a problem, and worked to provide a product that fixed it. The blendSMART concept came to life when a former model/cosmetic consultant came to us with the idea for a rotating makeup brush to address her challenges applying makeup while suffering from a chronic wrist injury. 

Over three years we created our patented technology that replicates the rotating motions needed for a smooth application, giving users a better and faster application process. Our mission is to bring the honed skills of beauty pros to the everyday user, balancing beauty with life’s busy challenges.

Before they contacted us, I knew a bit about b8ta and the way they put interesting products in the hands of real customers. When they initially reached out expressing an interest in launching blendSMART my first thought was “Awesome! Our indie beauty tools have been selected among so many “cool” brands!”. But my second inclination was one of skepticism. As an omnichannel product in 2019, we had been steadily distancing ourselves from traditional brick and mortar retail in favor of the smoother digital and e-tailing. However, after only 2.5 months, I’m over the moon happy with our b8ta partnership. The conversions, data, marketing abilities and overall reach has proven invaluable.



For a quick comparison, blendSMART is currently on shelves in more than 90 traditional retail outlets and just a handful of b8ta store locations. We see significantly higher conversions in our b8ta stores than in any other store we're in.  Alongside being thrilled by the conversions, the ability to instantly change in-store marketing messages, monitor engagement, change offerings and connect with sales associates has made it a retail fantasy land. We have complete control over the way blendSMART is presented to consumers, and are confident that our product is being shown off by employees who are always accessible and know blendSMART inside and out.

b8ta is pushing retail into the 21st century and we are excited to kick-off the holiday season knowing blendSMART will be shown to customers in a way that no ad or online placement can.

- Lori Machiorlette, President & Co-Founder at blendSMART

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