b8ta takes Omigo from ecommerce retail to real-world experience.

Posted by Dustin Peters on August 20, 2019

Daniel Lalley is the Communication Consultant at Omigo, a b8ta partner working to change the American bathroom experience. We asked Daniel to tell us a bit about how Omigo utilized b8ta's toolkit to continue developing a young company and a unique product in a market where traditional retail presents barriers to the newcomers.

For better or worse, the fundamental approach to product marketing has shifted in our modern era. With a new frontier of blue glow capitalism and mobile optimization, we’ve moved from print to digital, direct mail to constant contact, brick and mortar to ecommerce. With the fever-charged wave of social media platforms, SEO ploys, and pay-to-play web ad space, the ideas of entrepreneurial underdogs now have a platform, a voice, and a piece of the action. These are your radicals, the rejects of big-box consumerist spaces – brands like Onewheel, QUIP, Planet, and they’re all finally breaking through. 

Evidently, the one drawback in this modern framework of digital marketing is a disconnect with the consumer. The unique and invaluable assets of insights and interactions for both the customer and merchant are lost in translation, leaving a sort of tactile gap in the experience. For many brands, filling this gap can make all the difference in the art of winning market share and converting nonbelievers. With our brand Omigo, it was invaluable. 

Omigo is a North American take on high-end electronic bidet seats. A veritable staple to the Japanese commode culture, these seats are a no-brainer for anyone seeking a better bathroom experience. Our bidets feature adjustable warm water washes, heated seats, and many other features. We believe they’re just about the best bathroom experience money can buy- but explaining the nuances of the feature set or simplicity of the DIY install process is sometimes challenging without the benefit of a physical display. This is where b8ta stepped in. Keep reading to find out how. 

In a world where the red tape and regulations of traditional retail can seem a bit daunting for the strapped startups and lean-driven trendsetters, b8ta has done something truly new. They’ve created an inclusive platform to bring the dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs of the online realm onto the living stage of the American shopping experience.