b8ta Silicon Valley

Posted by Dustin Peters on May 13, 2019

b8ta Silicon Valley is located in the beautiful Santana Row outdoor shopping center. Santana Row is an upscale mixed-use development center consisting of a vibrant mix of over 50 shops, 30 restaurants, CineArts movie theatre, and the boutique Hotel Valencia. 

  • 3M people living in Silicon Valley
  • Average household income is $122,000
  • Average age of surrounding population: 37
  • Average home cost: $1.25 million
Customer Type
  • Early adopters
  • The curious and affluent
  • Families
  • Business professionals

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b8ta Silicon Valley  is distinguished by a 10’ x 3’ demo space and the partially-inclosed experience room, two spaces perfect for giving visitors a chance to get to know products. 

  • 2,484 square feet with floor to ceiling street facing windows
  • Space to feature 150-180 products
  • Two partially enclosed experience rooms


Location: Santana Row Shopping Center

With gardens, parks, and plazas and consistently comfortable weather, the space has been a favorite for partners that want to host demo events.  

  • Situated in Silicon Valley—the tech-hub of the world.
  • Pet-friendly with many shoppers are accompanied by dogs.
  • A large outdoor area,  great for showcasing rideables and outdoor products.
  • Sunny weather during 80% of the year.
  • Neighboring stores include Tesla, Amazon, Warby Parker, Anthropologie, and Scotch & Sofa.


Staff insights
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Michel, b8ta Tester: b8ta SV is special because our unique development layout and proximity to the Valley Fair mega mall offers us a broad spectrum of Customer on any given day. They come into our b8ta store and all have the same look of awe as they move from isle to isle. [The customer] group is very diverse and is a catch all for all of our core products here in SV.

Richard, General Manager: There is always something new at b8ta Silicon Valley. Everything is unique and the expressions customers portray when discovering something new is always memorable. Santana Row is described as a village within a city here in San Jose, and this allows us to connect more with the locals since they are always out trying to see what’s new.




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