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Posted by Hannah Warren on September 3, 2019

This week we're taking a closer look at b8ta Seattle to see what makes this b8ta location such an integrated part of the surrounding shopping community.

Like all b8ta stores, b8ta Seattle is a great spot for those interested in hands-on experience with new, exciting products. Seattle is a hub of innovation and technology and with the significant population growth over the last few years, b8ta Seattle is busy with shoppers all week long. Just steps away from the University of Washington, this b8ta store's shoppers include local families and curious students alike. 


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  • Surrounding Population: 47,181
  • The average age of the surrounding population: 40.2
  • Average household income: $133k 
  • Average home cost: $723.8k
Customer Type
  • Students and Faculty from the nearby University of Washington
  • Locals visiting from The Village
  • Families 

b8ta Seattle is more than just a shopping destination. Designed to be a place of discovery and community involvement, shoppers that visit b8ta Seattle may come as strangers but quickly become friendly regulars after participating in b8ta Seattle's numerous in-store events and activations. b8ta Seattle features a rotating section that’s unique from season to season. The area may be filled with health and beauty products, or a selection of futuristic rideables. Visitors are greeted by fresh products and displays every time, making the b8ta Seattle experience an ever-changing one.

Store Features
  • 100+ products
  • Two experience rooms
  • 1901 Sq ft. 
  • 37,000 people have walked through the doors in 2019
Popular Products 
Location: University Village

Seattle Pics-003University Village is a breath of fresh air for Seattle shoppers as it’s the only open-air, outdoor shopping center. Besides being the home of b8ta Seattle, this destination serves as a great gathering place for friends and family, as well as a great venue to meet new people. University Village hosts many community events; such as the weekly concert series taking place each Summer. 

Nearby stores accompanying b8ta include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz. A mix of locally owned boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants also dot the complex. 

Staff insights

Caleb and Sean- SEattle.001Sean, General Manager: At b8ta Seattle we love to go above and beyond for our customers because we know the impact it can have. Not long into my tenure at b8ta, I met a father who was looking for a OneWheel for his son and needed it the same or next day. When talking to him, I learned his son was about to go through major surgery (not his first one, either). I was able to overnight a OneWheel to him and he got it in time to put a smile on his son’s face prior to the surgery. The family came into the store after the surgery and the son gave me a hug and said, "thank you very, very much,"  I kept in touch with the family, and a few weeks later I found out that the son was to have more complex surgeries. I shared this story with the b8ta team and our CEO took it upon himself to buy each member of the family the item that they liked most in the store. We ended up sending them these gifts as a surprise -- and shortly after the family contacted us to share their gratitude and express how much our actions meant to them.

Caleb and Sean- SEattle.002Caleb- Merchandise Manager: b8ta Seattle is a place for people to demo, explore, and buy the latest and greatest innovative products. It’s a place that attracts students in fields like engineering, design, and business, as well as other professionals in the area. The relationships between our customers and our staff is particularly notable. We have customers who visit frequently just to check in on our staff and to see what's new with our products- this is something that I haven’t experienced in any prior position.


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Perhaps the best part about our b8ta stores is the ever-growing cast of innovative products in each of them. Contact our partnerships team for more information on showcasing your product in b8ta Austin and other locations.