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Posted by Dustin Peters on September 12, 2019

For the next installment of our store spotlight series we're checking in on a very special b8ta store- the original one.  Take a look at b8ta Palo Alto to see how b8ta began, and how it's progressed. 

When b8ta began back in 2015 and a location was needed for the first store, Palo Alto made a lot of sense. As it's a well-known Silicon Valley city stationed right next to Stanford University, it's easy to see why. Affluent residents that are knowledgeable about and excited by the start-up industry made for a wonderful first market as b8ta established itself. Four plus years later and the Palo Alto community continues to be that enthusiastic audience for all of our in-store partners.



  • Surrounding Population: 67,000
  • The median age of the surrounding population: 42
  • Average household income: $207,423
  • Average home cost: $3m
Customer Type
  • Tourists
  • Affluent Families
  • Business Executives
  • Stanford Students
LayoutPalo Alto

As the longest standing b8ta store, Palo Alto has had plenty of time to become a staple within the area and build a strong sense of customer loyalty. Contrasting traditional retail, b8ta stores see many "regulars", local visitors that love to stop in and see what's new each time they're near the store. These regulars share the space with new visitors to Silicon Valley. As b8ta has grown and further established itself, the original store has quickly become a tourist attraction in the Palo Alto area. On a given day, it's common for a tour bus to stop outside the store and drop off large groups of enthusiastic newcomers. 

Store Features
  • 50+ products
  • 1800 Sq ft. 
  • 50,000 people have walked through the doors in 2019
  • Sitting area
Popular Products 
Location: downtown Palo Alto

PA Pics.004

Palo Alto is known for it's affluent tech-savvy community, and the downtown shopping area reflects this demographic. Trendy eateries and boutiques share the space with giants such as Apple, and vie for the attention of the Silicon Valley shoppers. Both Facebook and Google's campuses bustle nearby, bringing big tech tourism and an ever-flowing group of creative and curious professionals into the Palo Alto shopping strip. Whether it's high end clothing, gourmet bubble tea, (or a certain industry-changing retailer), downtown Palo Alto has something for everyone who comes by. 

Staff insights

PA Pics.005

Justin- General Manager: Since b8ta Palo Alto has been here for 4 years, we get see so many familiar faces in our customers. This store sees all types of shoppers, whether it's a business executive curious about our business model, or a returning customer excited to show off the "coolest product" to his friends and family. Even international customers who heard of b8ta and have to check us out. We see it all!  I get so excited when I get to tell people that I work in the original b8ta store.

Jacqueline- b8ta Tester: I have been with b8ta for 2 years now, it’s been crazy to see how fast we have grown and opened up locations all over the country! I love that no matter what role you have at b8ta, we all contribute and there's always room to grow and take part in additional projects within the company.


PA Pics.003

Perhaps the best part about our b8ta stores is the ever-growing cast of innovative products within each of them. Contact our partnerships team for more information on showcasing your product in b8ta Palo Alto and other locations. 

Visit b8ta Palo Alto at 516 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301