b8ta is having a birthday.

Posted by Dustin Peters on December 11, 2019

As a retail company, the month of December is important and busy for b8ta. As the year comes to a close we work hard throughout the holiday season to make sure we finish strong. But December is important to b8ta for another reason as well. Today, December 11th, marks exactly four years since b8ta Palo Alto opened its doors and formally began our operations. 

Four years and more than 20 stores later we're looking forward to the opening of a larger, revamped Palo Alto location on the 20th. We've had a fair number of store openings to celebrate over the last four years, many of them in the past few months. But this new store opening is a fitting symbol of the growth, progress and tenacity b8ta has seen since the December of 2015. We can't wait to show the Bay Area the new Palo Alto location, and we can't wait to continue doing what do—giving our partners an incredible way to go to retail, and giving our customers a truly unique experience.

When deciding what to post on this special day, we did what anyone does while fondly reminiscing— we dug up some old photos. Enjoy a look at some of the earliest b8ta photos, and hear from some of the employees that have been along for the ride. 

b8ta has come a long, long way since these photos were snapped. While we're proud of the road we've traveled, we're looking forward to the road we're paving ahead of us. Stay tuned— we've got a lot more planned.