b8ta Hudson Yards

Posted by Hannah Warren on June 7, 2019

b8ta Hudson Yards is located in the beautiful and busy New York City, and continues to keep customers curious, engaged and up to date on the newest must have items. NYC is the perfect location for b8ta Hudson Yards as it allows for New Yorkers to not only work hard, but play hard as they interact with partner products in b8ta stores. Since the opening of Hudson Yards, b8ta keeps on drawing people in with its energetic and innovative experience. 

Hudson Yards In store image 1 (what the worlds creating)

  • 1,665,000 people living in Hudson Yards 
  • Average household income is $158,183 
  • Average age of surrounding population: 36
  • Average home cost: $1.3 million
Customer Type
  • NYC natives 
  • Intrigued, and ever changing tourists 
  • Affluent, professional, and tech savvy
  • The inspired, the innovative, and the curious


Hudson Yards-001

b8ta Hudson Yards  is a prime corner location in the main aisle on the Floor of Discovery which allows for its over 9,000 weekly customers to experience b8ta in an up close and personal manner.

Store Features
  •  1,450 square feet with floor to ceiling windows 
  • Up to 100 products carried in store
  • One experience room 
  • Apparel placement opportunities 
Popular Products 
Location: Hudson Yards Shopping Center

The Vessel HY image 1

Hudson Yards the most premier and talked-about retail launch in decades. The state-of-art complex is ideally situated in New York city—the hub of all things current and inventive. Featuring interactive attractions such as the Vessel (featured above), Hudson Yards is sure to thrill tourists and local New Yorkers alike. 

  • Neighboring stores include Athleta, Coach, Neiman Marcus, Zara and over 100 clothing stores and restaurants
  • 14-acres of public open space
  • 18 million square feet of multi-use space    

Staff insights
Evan Hudson Yards Blog Post -1-1 Hudson Valley B8ta tester-2

Evan, b8ta Tester:  b8ta Hudson Yards is special because it allows customers to experience a product without the normal retail pressure of buying. We allow guests to interact with the product ask questions, explore and if they love it they want to buy it. In other retail spaces the mindset of the sales person can often be directed toward ‘getting the sale’. b8ta testers  are there to encourage interaction, build excitement and most of all educate customers on a partner’s product, and allow them to have fun in the space. It’s a unique experience for the guests and that’s what makes our location so special.

Josh, b8ta Tester: Hudson Yards is NYC's biggest endeavor for an experience space since Rockefeller Center. It's a beautiful group of buildings, and the view of the Hudson River only intensifies that. We're located on the Floor of Discovery and pull in many customers just by the products we have in the windows alone. Many stop in and comment on how busy we are and they had to see what it was all about! We see many different people, kids and adults alike and each and every experience is unique. My fellow b8ta testers are incredible, each of them bring something special to the team and we all  have skills that compliment each other. 



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Contact our partnerships team for more information on showcasing your product in b8ta Hudson Yards.