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Posted by Dustin Peters on December 10, 2019

If it isn't yet obvious, here at b8ta we believe that any brand benefits by having their products available in physical spaces. As smooth as online shopping has become, getting to know a product through a screen is never as intimate or informing as an in-person experience. This is especially true for products in the health and wellness categories.

As the technological era has progressed, innovative people have continued to find ways to thread new tech into all aspects of our lives—including our physical health. This isn’t recent news of course, we’ve been updating our medical technology since “medical technology” meant something. But in recent years as the tech age has boomed, health and wellness areas that haven’t seen many contemporary advancements are finally getting their time in the spotlight. Here at b8ta we’ve been happy to show off a brand that’s shining that spotlight on hearing aids—Eargo.

eargo orange

Eargo brings radical advancements to the world of hearing aids, in the form of a comfortable product that’s invisible while in use. (In fact, when we demo these in store, we take a side profile picture of the wearer to show just how invisible they really are.) Colby Long, the Sales Development Coordinator at Eargo, speaks a bit more about the product below, as well as illustrating how a b8ta placement works for this type of unique product.

“In short, Eargo came about because we realized that for all of the technological advancements out there, most people were stuck using hearing aids that fit visibly behind the ear. Alongside this, they must visit a medical or retail office which can be inconvenient, and the cost of traditional hearing aids can be quite prohibitive. Our goal has always been to help our customers feel good while making hearing easier. To make this happen, we’ve created a class 1 FDA cleared hearing aid that is incredibly comfortable, is virtually invisible, has natural sound quality, and is easy to use because it is rechargeable. As far as convenience, we developed a direct-to-consumer model with access to licensed hearing professionals providing lifetime support. And finally, the result of this model allows us to charge 50% less than traditional hearing aids.

Ultimately we partnered with b8ta a year ago because their platform and model helped us to side-step a few major obstacles we’d face at a traditional retailer. The first is pretty straightforward; Eargo is really quite impressive in person, and in a box on a shelf that can be hard to convey. At b8ta our customers get to see, hold, and use Eargo themselves, allowing us to show off features like it’s small size and comfortable fit.

Eargo hand

As a health and wellness product, there are other major retailing hurdles that b8ta has helped us with. Retailers traditionally see very high employee turnover, which in turn makes it hard to trust that an employee will be able to aptly speak on a given product. Conversely, b8ta stores see low employee turnover, meaning we can trust that we’ve got people on the ground who know Eargo well enough to give a quality, personalized demonstration. When we’re talking about a product directly related to your health that will be making contact with your body during use, it’s no surprise that the customer wants a chance to get to know it first.

The bottom line is that with Eargo, we’re talking about the ability to hear. We understand that this is an extremely significant purchase for our users, and love that b8ta gives us the ability to make that purchasing experience as comfortable as wearing Eargo is.”

-Colby Long, Sales Development Coordinator at Eargo


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