b8ta Austin

Posted by Hannah Warren on July 9, 2019

Austin, the capital of Texas, is the fastest expanding city in the U.S. For the third year in a row, it was voted the number one place to live in America (for both people and dogs—what a ruff life). b8ta Austin is situated just outside of downtown, at the lively and trendy outdoor shopping destination Domain NORTHSIDE. Shoppers enjoy the great weather that Texas has to offer while browsing some of the best retail and dining in the area. Despite all the amazing shops, when the public walks by b8ta Austin they are often intrigued by its completely unique atmosphere and enter eager to explore each product.



  • 47,173 people living in Austin, Texas 
  • Average household income $44, 476
  • Average age of surrounding population: 31.4
  • Average home cost: $360,000
Customer Type
  • Austinites (natives of Austin, Texas) 
  • Young tech professionals 
  • Families focused on the future 
  • Tourists attracted to shopping destinations 


b8ta Austin is frequented by locals and tourists alike, with many visitors who consider themselves to be "in the know" about innovative products. The store features a kitchen area, experience rooms, and even bar seating at the entrance, used for in-store events.  At b8ta Austin brands can use the front window space to create a customized, personalized experience to welcome and further attract onlookers.

Store Features
  • 3,085 square ft. 
  • 125+ products carried in store 
  • Two experience rooms
  • Kitchen area with sink and mini-fridge 
Popular Products 
Location: Domain Northside 

Domain Northside As a destination for all things fashion, restaurants, nightlife, and tech, the Domain NORTHSIDE  serves as an ideal spot for b8ta partners seeking to attract a versatile population of customers.  The space fuses together the best of Austin's homegrown brands with national mainstay's and new town experiences. Here work meets play. Regulars leave behind their computers to gather, recharge, and discover something new that can improve their home, hobbies, or habits.

  • Austin is knowns as, “Silicon Hills,” as it is set in the midst of tech industries.
  • With 618,000 square ft. of retail, nearby stores include: Restoration Hardware, Marine Layer, Peloton, Will Leather Goods, Suit Supply, Warby Parker, and Away.
  • Near luxury apartments and hotels. 
  • Located near the offices of Google, Amazon, Facebook, WeWork, Home Away, and IBM. 

Staff insights


Tyler b8ta tester: What makes b8ta Austin so special is the people. Austin has become a technology hub for the mid-South and in turn, has become a melting pot for culture while still maintaining its laid back Southern sensibilities. At b8ta Austin, we have very personal and fun interactions with the customers; everyone is here to not just work but to have a good time and learn about the awesome things we do at b8ta while working with our innovative partners.

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Paige, Merchandise Manager: The beauty of Austin is it's intertwined natural landscape against a city backdrop. At b8ta Austin, we support and promote this lifestyle by showcasing global innovation to make customers' workdays more efficient and weekends more adventurous.  







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