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Data Deep Dive: How Shopper Behavior Has Changed and What To Expect in 2021

December 8, 2020Written by Erin Johnson

The global pandemic has undoubtedly impacted in-store traffic over the last several months as consumers hesitate to congregate, and are moving online for much of their shopping....


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Retail Designed for 2020

September 15, 2020Written by Erin Johnson

b8ta was founded with the mission to make retail accessible for all. By offering a paid subscription to place products in our stores, we supported brands as they tested and launched...


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How b8ta partners use our stores as a marketing channel.

August 12, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

The goals of a marketer can vary wildly depending on their given product or company, but a need for increased brand awareness and general “buzz” are typically congruent among both...


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Take a tour of the b8ta dashboard.

June 19, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

The b8ta dashboard.

At the heart of a b8ta partnership is the technology we've built to allow brands to scale, measure, and understand their retail presence.


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We're launching Tour; a customized, rotating b8ta store experience

May 15, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

Our recent activation with experiential retail resulted in a very successful program called the be@home tour.


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Be@Home by b8ta and Google, our tiny home tour.

May 14, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

This past March, we launched one of our most unique experiential marketing activations yet—a tiny house outfitted with over 32 smart home products.


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This summer; brands and makers can beta test at b8ta

May 2, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

We are launching our most accessible program yet—for a limited time only we are offering brands a beta test of b8ta.


Why brands love b8ta

April 16, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

As a shopper, you're probably familiar with the unique feeling of our stores—an environment built for discovery and interaction, with some of the newest and most innovative products...


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Your Marketing Dollars: Online vs Offline

February 15, 2019Written by Erin Johnson

 Today, so many brands are looking to digital advertising as the primary (sometimes only) method to grow their product awareness and acquire new customers.


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b8ta pops-up at Virgin Atlantic in JFK

November 21, 2018Written by Erin Johnson

Pop-ups are appearing in increasingly unexpected locations in major markets around the world. As brands strive to meet shoppers at the right time, place and mindset, these retail...



Highlights from building TED's first tech store

April 18, 2018Written by Erin Johnson

Last week, b8ta participated in one of the most influential conferences in the world: the annual TED conference in Vancouver.