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Good vibrations: checking in with AfterShokz.

February 28, 2020Written by Dustin Peters

As one of b8ta's oldest partners, AfterShokz headphones have been exciting our store visitors for years. Take a read to learn more about AfterShokz' b8ta experience.


b8ta is having a birthday.

December 11, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

As a retail company, the month of December is important and busy for b8ta. As the year comes to a close we work hard throughout the holiday season to make sure we finish strong. But...


b8ta gives a hands-on experience for hands-on products.

December 10, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

If it isn't yet obvious, here at b8ta we believe that any brand benefits by having their products available in physical spaces. As smooth as online shopping has become, getting to...


The b8ta Holiday Roadshow.

November 26, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

As b8ta has grown throughout the past few years, opening new stores has been a cornerstone in our operations. The reasoning behind this is pretty straightforward—we believe that the...


b8ta paves a new marketing channel with MINI Cooper.

November 13, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

At b8ta, we've built our stores around the demo experience and meaningful product education. Our customers discover and try truly unique products ranging from brain sensing headbands


If you're not early you're late— it's time to gear up for the holidays.

October 9, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

With fall in full swing, retailers and product makers alike know that the time to prep for the holiday shopping season is upon us. Check out four ways b8ta partners can maximize...


Store Spotlights

b8ta San Francisco

October 1, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

We're shining the spotlight on one of our flagship stores this week; b8ta San Francisco. Take a look at this city—dwelling b8ta location to see what it offers the ever-bustling...


Store Spotlights

b8ta Palo Alto

September 13, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

For the next installment of our store spotlight series we're checking in on a very special b8ta store- the original one.  Take a look at b8ta Palo Alto to see how b8ta began, and...


b8ta takes Omigo from ecommerce retail to real-world experience.

August 20, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

Daniel Lalley is the Communication Consultant at Omigo, a b8ta partner working to change the American bathroom experience. We asked Daniel to tell us a bit about how Omigo utilized...


Store Spotlights

b8ta Silicon Valley

May 13, 2019Written by Dustin Peters

b8ta Silicon Valley is located in the beautiful Santana Row outdoor shopping center. Santana Row is an upscale mixed-use development center consisting of a vibrant mix of over 50...


Insider, Partner Highlights

How the Neo smartpen benefits from the hands on demo

November 12, 2018Written by Dustin Peters
We recently sat down with Stephen Dix, the VP of Sales and Marketing and General Manager of NeoLab Convergence, to learn how the b8ta experience has helped grow the Neo smartpen...

Insider, Partner Highlights

How b8ta lets a young company like Meural learn from their customers

November 1, 2018Written by Dustin Peters
To learn a bit more about how the b8ta experience can assist a young company, we recently chatted with Vladimir Vukicevic, CEO and Co-Founder of Meural.

Insider, Partner Tips

Make a list and check it twice: The importance of the holiday selling season

October 2, 2018Written by Dustin Peters

When October comes around and the Halloween ads begin, we’re forced to face the facts.