Accelerating out of the CES curve.

Posted by Simon Jones on January 15, 2020

CES is a trade show that operates at mind-boggling scale. Nearly 4500 companies exhibit across the 2.9 million square feet of exhibition space, driving awareness and demand with the nearly 200,000 attendees. More t-shirts are distributed, samples ingested, and business cards shared than can even be counted.

And now it’s over.

The exhibits have been packed and shipped. The booth teams are wearily dragging their Away bags through McCarran Airport. And those bright shining demos are drifting into memory.

Now is the time to accelerate out of the curve, and leverage the enthusiasm of buyers at CES to inspire a whole new generation of consumers.

Brands with extraordinary and irresistible products, but without physical distribution, have a unique opportunity to bring those products right to their target demographic, in the key DMAs - for about the cost of just one of those charming folks who just got done manning the booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

b8ta delivers experiential retail opportunities to brands large and small. For a modest monthly fee, you can have your products physically merchandised in one of our flagship stores, supported by our fully-trained store associates (we call them the b8ta testers, and they’re the best demo crew you ever saw). You supply the marketing copy for a dedicated tablet that sits right next to your product - and you can update it daily if you want to, to test your messages until they’re just right. You choose which stores make sense for you, and you can hold launch events, targeted demos, and email collection campaigns from the moment your product arrives. If you want to go a  little larger, we can design and build out specialized, feature areas in-store for you so that you tell exactly the story you want, exactly your way.


MINI Experience at b8ta Mission Bay.


b8ta stores are located exactly where you want your product to see the light of day: New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Austin, Boston, and over a dozen more. It can be hard to fully communicate the appeal of your product online, especially when you’re breaking the mold and revolutionizing your product category. Putting your product in a b8ta store empowers you to direct your online prospects to get hands-on, to fully fall in love, and to become both customers and advocates.

And yes, of course we will also gladly make sales in store. Our model is to provide you with a showcase for your product, so you simply pay for the space, and keep 100% of the proceeds of all sales.

To put this into context for you quants out there: for the cost of sending one person out to CES for four days (assuming you spent what we spent!), you could take a standard-sized space in at least on premier b8ta locations for six months, and put your product physically in front of tens of thousands of interested consumers. b8ta testers will be trained to properly explain the use and benefits of your product, and will track the number of demos they give. You get access to your own dedicated b8ta dashboard, where you’ll be able to see how many consumers have entered each location, how many engaged with your product, how many took a dedicated demo, and, of course, how many pulled the trigger and made a purchase.

So as you head back to the office, toting your collection of new tchotchkes, take a look at your current Marketing mix and ask yourself: what is the value of physically putting your product into the hands of the very demographic you’re targeting online. And if it’s as valuable as sending Vince from Customer Success to Vegas to staff the booth for a few days, then reach out and let’s see if we can’t put together a great program for you today.