A partnership with Google

Posted by Ashley Haber on October 16, 2018

Our Made by Google experience officially launched in seven b8ta flagship stores this week. We’ve worked closely with Google to design an interactive experience that helps customers envision Google’s suite of products in their own homes. We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with one of the worlds most influential brands, and are extremely proud of what this partnership has accomplished thus far. So, we thought we would share why b8ta is the perfect fit to bring the Made by Google product experience to life.


Our retail model is designed for demo and discovery.

As tech consumers and retailers know, it can be challenging to explain connected devices with only words and pictures. A static product in a box on the shelf leaves customers wondering how well they work, and how to best use them. Without being able to test the product in real life, customers can be more hesitant to purchase. The first time we spoke with Google they expressed this exact frustration. The key driver behind this partnership was to ensure customers can learn about and demo Made by Google products out of the box in as authentic of an environment as possible.


We are a retail partner willing to collaborate.

While out of the box demo and discovery is standard in our stores, we wanted to take the demo experience to the next level while working with Google. We collaborated with Google to develop a contextual space that shows customers how the products enhance their daily lives. The result is colorful, interactive vignettes of different spaces in the home, integrating each Google product in a seamless way. Our flagship locations were completely redesigned to recreate a front entry way, a kitchen, an office, a nursery and a living room. We embedded “Hey Google,...” commands to be fully integrated with third party products to demonstrate Google Assistant capabilities. We’ve built an experience in which the thermostats change on command, the Chromecast shows activity from the Nest Cam in other areas of the store, the life size door lock locks on command, and the tea kettle turns on without actually producing heat. 


Our team knows how to drive technical and operational excellence under pressure.

Bringing this retail experience to life was no easy task. The complexity and tight timeline for this program put b8ta’s creativity, customer experience expertise, and operational skills to the test. The build-out needed to be done in under three months, just in time for Google’s new product launch in October. Fortunately, b8ta was well-suited to get the job done, thanks to our team’s agility, efficiency, and creativity. From June to mid-September, teams from across our entire organization worked closely with Google’s retail merchandising division to envision every detail, from the color of the rug tiles to the queries that would command the Google products throughout the space. We focused on authenticity and creating warmth. Our goal was to help customers feel comfortable with every product we incorporated.

Not many retail companies have the flexibility to bring a project like this to life. Our model and our mission are designed for products like those in the Made by Google suite. Our willingness to collaborate on an experience ensured we matched Google's high level of expectations and the flexibility and determination of the team pulled it off. We couldn’t be more proud of the result and look forward to our next partner who challenges us with a project of this caliber. 

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