For any store, customer experience is priority #1

Posted by Rohit Sharma on September 20, 2018

The 21st century has changed the landscape of shopping, but retail continues to evolve and shake things up as it goes. Traditionally retail has often been regarded as a simple sales platform, but new retail models are serving businesses by providing opportunities for discovery in addition to sales. With the rise of the internet, notably social media, customer behavior has developed quickly and drastically along with it. Makers and marketers alike are taking notice, and shifting to a whole new mentality: experimental retail.

Along with providing a great experience in-store, it’s more important than ever to engage your customers in your retail space—to educate, inspire, and connect with them, instead of just focusing on a sale. Below are 4 tips to keep them engaged.



This may seem simple and obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Nowadays, value in a shopping experience goes beyond the value of the products themselves.

In our stores, b8ta testers (our store staff) offer unique and genuine value. Not only do they represent our partners to the highest expectations of the company, but they bring products and brands to life for the customer.

Our highly skilled staff engage customers with the aim of learning more about the customer, resulting in the discovery of the customer’s wants, needs, and preferences. Using this lifestyle knowledge, b8ta testers create unique experiences and connect the customers with products spanning different categories suited just for them.

From there, b8ta testers can educate customers about specific key features that directly and immediately benefit the customer, as well as any long-term advantages. The “out-of-box” mentality that guides our store design, paired with digital displays that detail product information, allows the user to further connect by physically interacting with the product and viewing partner selected materials. Our staff adds to the hands-on experience by being knowledgeable in various markets and sharing valuable ideas—on top of being engaging, relatable individuals.

As a company, we understand customer experience is the top priority and our retail staff know how critical they are both to b8ta’s unique model and the product discovery journey.



In the modern retail era, there are so many products and services competing for your customer. With customer loyalty and retention not being what they used to be, it is more important than ever that your business does everything it can to strengthen customer loyalty.

When we engage with customers in our b8ta stores, we ensure they’re building a sense of belonging within the b8ta community by giving them the opportunity to stay connected with us outside of our brick and mortar locations. Our Founders Series creates intimate opportunities for customers, makers, and the local community to hear and learn from our partners in-store. We take connections a step further, not only thinking of how we can build relationships with our customers, but also how we can help them to connect to each other as well.


Now more than ever, brands are using their voice to create change and have a positive impact on the world around them, and rightly so. Thoughtful, purpose-centered marketing has created countless emotional connections with millions of customers across the world.

We strive to inspire our customers—from Founders Series events to partnering with TED. The unique products in our space, and our focus on the demo experience, helps us bring the newest and most innovative products to life in ways customers have never seen before. We share the founding stories behind our products and we even share details about our unique Retail as a Service model so every customer walking out of a b8ta store always leaves feeling inspired.



Feedback is vital in understanding whether or not your business is truly connecting and offering value in line with the wants and needs of your customers. Companies can be even more responsive to customer issues and concerns and take action much faster by staying connected and opening channels of feedback for their customer.

Through our monthly newsletter, live partnership store events, giveaways, online website, and social media platforms, we give customers many reasons and ways to stay engaged and connected.Staying up to date with trends allows b8ta to keep ahead of innovation and keep customers engaged. Our website messaging platform available online ensures customers have a voice 24/7 including weekends and holidays.




b8ta is Retail as a Service: you provide the vision, we provide the retail experience that meets your needs. With our retail subscription models you can scale up or down as your business grows or pivots. Set up shop for the consumers you want, we do the rest. Learn more at