This summer; brands and makers can beta test at b8ta

Posted by Erin Johnson on May 2, 2019

We are launching our most accessible program yet—for a limited time only we are offering brands a beta test of b8ta. Brands who sign up before the end of June, can apply to be featured in special short term spots in one to five of our  stores.

Our mission has always been to make retail accessible for all, because when brands have easy, direct access to physical retail, customers will in turn have unbiased access to what the world is creating. We strive to make it as flexible and easy as possible for a brand to enter into our stores. We’ve found that a minimum six months placement in at least five b8ta stores is the sweet spot between being as flexible as we can while also ensuring our operations run smoothly.

We understand that even this small commitment can be a barrier for a brand breaking into retail for the first time or a brand that has a limited budget to test out new markets and opportunities. We’ve decided to challenge ourselves and see if we can create an opportunity that any brand can add to summer marketing plans. This gives brands the opportunity to launch in b8ta stores for the lowest price ever.

We will be running the program through September to allow brands to boost their brand exposure and reach new customers with a b8ta store short-term trial period. Similar to our typical partnerships, brands will pay a flat monthly fee for a placement in one (or more!) b8ta stores across the country, then keep 100% of their sales. It’s full-service retail but with a pop-up time frame. Our hope is that we are almost completely removing the barrier that brands have to try retail and test new markets and in return our b8ta stores will get to showcase some great new products for customers to discover all summer long.

If you’re a brand or a maker who wants to learn what retail will do to your marketing mix, this is a great opportunity to test it out with little risk. If you’re a current b8ta partner use this program to try out b8ta stores you’ve been considering. Then if you like what you see (and we have a feeling you will!) you’ll have first access to long term b8ta store placements just prior to the holiday selling season kick-off. Getting started is easy, fill out the quick application below and we’ll be in touch within the week with details and pricing.

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